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"I have but one candle of life to burn, and I would rather burn it out in a land filled with darkness than in a land flooded with light" – John Keith Falcone

Greetings in Jesus name,

We are back in Minneapolis after an outreach/scouting trip to the Northeastern Thailand/Laos border. Firstly, we would like to thank everyone for their prayers for us during the three week seminar that we held and also during the time on outreach.

The three week seminar went well and we had an average of 10 to 16 people daily. We managed to get some professional medical people to teach on CPR and First Response, and also for the survival and media in missions categories. Jono and I taught on evangelism for the first week and Jono also took care of most of the survival and media sessions.

We then went to the Northeastern area of Thailand to do a scouting trip to the Nyaw people, an unreached people group. Less than one present of them are Christians and there are very few missionaries and other workers involved in outreach to them. It was unique to have been able to work  together with the few churches and the few missionaries working there. We met all the missionaries working there and visited quite a few churches in the Northeast districts. We saw their faithful labour among the lost and the body of Christ.

We had the privilege to go into the rice paddies and villages to distribute hundreds of gospel tracts in the native language, as well as, DVD’s that portrayed the “Prodigal Son' story, set in modern times. These DVD’s were made by YWAM Create, in Chang Mai and they used the local people to do the  acting. We also visited some of the small number of local believers and prayed for them and the sick. It was so amazing to see that as soon as we arrived at a Christian home, they would fetch whatever they could to give to us:  fruit, vegetables and spices etc. We found some of them reading their Bibles when we arrived. One old man was basically blind but was concentrating hard to read the Word of God….what passion and love for the Lord!!!

It was rainy season, extremely hot and humid and very muddy in the rice paddies and villages but the Lord helped us not to slip or fall into some of the paddies although it was sometimes very close. We did not use our medical training and professional doctors bag but for a few ailments due to the fact that this was more of a scouting trip. We found that most of the Nyaw people had no windows in their houses and then found out that they lived in fear, because they believed that if they opened windows, especially at night, that demons would come in. Just think about the huge suffering and bondage due to their old cultural and religious beliefs! It is honestly sometimes so painful when you share the Gospel and they understand it but then they don’t want to except Jesus in fear of rejection from their family and friends….but we know that the Word can’t return void and that the Holy Spirit will continue to prompt their hearts.

We are leaving soon for Call2all in Kansas to give feedback about the scouting trip: where there are churches and where there are no churches; where there are Christian workers and where not; and what the overall spiritual needs are for the Nyaw/Isaan people group, and where we can be of help…

At present we will be preaching at different venues and in August we will be teaching at the YWAM Kansas base on Evangelism for a week, as well as at other places.

Thank you for all your prayer and please continue to pray for us as we will really need Gods protection, provision and wisdom to go to very rural areas and to travel to nearly unreachable places and people.

We will soon notify everyone about the above….

"O God, give me souls or I die!" - John Hyde. Let us cry out and pray this in sincerity

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  • Thank God for protecting us during the outreaches and that He enabled us to share the Gospel daily to Atheists, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. and could visit missionaries and edify and train outreach teams so far away.
  • We thank the Lord for His Devine protection and provision.
  • Thank Him for the people who did come to the knowledge of Christ and got saved.
  • Thank Him and pray that all the seed that was planted through sharing and gospel tracts will grow and that the mind of their understanding being enlightened in the knowledge of Him.
  • Pray for missionaries for protection, provision, wisdom, favour and strength.
  • Pray for more Divine appointments and that He will give us more opportunities to preach and to train people everywhere.
  • Pray and stand in agreement that the Lord shall provide all our needs and the needs of the missionaries who have sacrificed everything to serve Him…
  • Pray that the Lord will guide us for His plan and purpose in 2012.

Thank you Lord Jesus for given us a reason to live and a reason to die.

We desire to fulfill the call of Mark 16:15 to "Go onto the entire world and preach the Gospel" and we also desire for you to fulfill that call as well. Your donation will aid us as we preach the Gospel in remote and unreached areas, impact others who will in turn impact others who will impact all generations worldwide with the truth and power of the Gospel. All gifts, great or small, will be appreciated. For those of you that might have missed a few, our old newsletters are also available for viewing on our web site. Thank you for your prayers and support.

(Please always give your details that we may know who to thank and pray for).

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In His Service 
Len and Jono