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The need

1/3 of the world is hidden from the good news of Jesus. There are social, cultural, language and literacy barriers that hinder understanding and acceptance of the gospel. These barriers must be overcome for the gospel to take root among unreached people.

Next step! Disciple and be discipled within the ASEAN Nations!

The invite 

This next year from January 2016 another Discipleship Training School, or DTS, will be running in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It will be a special one. Here is why...

First, you might be wondering what is a Discipleship Training School. A DTS is all about getting to know God and making Him known all over the world. Our specific DTS focuses on unreached peoples. We will come face to face with God and His word, understand His heart for the nations, and learn how to most effectively communicate the Gospel cross-culturally. It’s about personal application, not just getting information. It is a 5 month School with University of the Nations with 3 months of Lectures and 2 months of Outreach to put what was learned to use.

What is so special about this one? Well, the ASEAN nations will get together and we will make God's love known to those countries with God's love and we will do it with the unified Body of Christ! 10 Schools will get together in Battambang, Cambodia and will not only get some training there, but will go from there to other nations with 1 focus, Sharing the Love of God with the ASEAN countries.

Come be part of this Adventure with Christ and doing what Jesus commissioned us to do.